Professor G.M. Hughes (1925-2011)
Professor of Zoology, Bristol University, 1965 – 85, then Emeritus

George Morgan Hughes, born 1925, son of James Williams Hughes and Edith May Hughes
married 1954, Jean Rosemary, daughter of Rowland Wynne Frazier and Jessie Frazier

two sons John Morgan Hughes, b 1956; Richard David Morgan Hughes, b 1965
one daughter Deborah Rosemary Frazier Hughes, b 1960


Liverpool Collegiate School

King’s College, Cambridge (Scholar)

Cambridge University

University of Bristol

Research Fellow, California Institute of Technology, 1958-59

Visiting Lecturer in Physiology, State University of New York, at Buffalo, 1964

Visiting Professor

Invited Professor, National Institute of Physiological Sciences, Okazaki, 1980

Honorary Professor, Univerersity of Wales College of Cardiff; 1991 – 1999

Member, International Cœlacanth Expedition, 1972


Complete listing of publications 1952-2003 of GM Hughes and Associates


          Travel, Welsh genealogy, photography


          Hockey for Cambridge University, 1945, and Wales, 1952 – 53


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